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A busy month for REDI.E in Wilcannia

29 January, 2019

Wilcannia has been a hive of activity over the last couple of weeks, with a Community Day, new equipment being delivered to Wilcannia River Radio, and a visit from a prominent magician. 

Community Day

Wilcannia River Radio, Wilcannia Remote School Attendance Strategy and REDI.E hosted a special Community Day event, where everyone was treated to live entertainment, music, activities, stalls and games.

Local performer Nancy Bates was one of the headlines for the day. Nancy has performed all over the country, with celebrities like Archie Roach, Johnny Huckle and Warren Williams. But there was no shortage of local talent on the day, with Mez’s Music and Dark ’N’ Dusty’s own Darren ‘Horse’ Whyman providing great music.

One of the highlights were the stalls from several local organisations, including Maari Ma Health, Salvation Army, Lifeline, Ability Links, Tenancy Support and Wilcannia Local Police. They were very busy, promoting what they do for the community and providing them with information about their services. 

Wilcannia River Radio and other service providers such as Mission Australia provided boxes of water for the families.

REDI.E Team Leader Brendon Adams organised the event and he said it was a great success. 

“It was a wonderful day with a good turn out despite the heat of 46 degrees,” Mr Adams said. 

“I was really happy that we all came together to provide some relief with water during these hard times with no river.”  

Both The Radio Station and Remote School Attendance Strategy teams worked very hard to make this happen, but they also had help and support from:
  • The REDI.E CDP team
  • WINGs Drop In Centre
  • Central Darling Shire
  • Women Safehouse
  • Paakintji Men’s Dance and Cultural Group
  • Wilcannia Local Aboriginal Land Council.
Janelle King from the Remote School Attendance Strategy team said she would like to see events like this happen more often. 

“We need to have more positive events in our town for our people,” she said.

REDI.E will continue to work to provide these events in our communities, bringing people together to celebrate each other - and have a good time!

New Equipment for Wilcannia River Radio

REDI.E secured funding to provide much needed new equipment for our local community radio station, Wilcannia River Radio.

This month the station received a new transmitter, studio mixer, microphones and cables this month. 

It was met with great enthusiasm and appreciation from the staff, who enjoyed installing the equipment straight away.

Magician visit!

The radio station also received a special visit from magician and comedian Simon Taylor.

He came into the station, to entertain the community with his fantastic magic tricks. Simon recently returned from the States working with Jay Leno on the tonight show and also on Just For Laughs. 

Simon has promised he will return to Wilcannia to join with Wilcannia River Radio team again very soon!


This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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