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BlueRidge Cafe employees moving up the ranks

23 January, 2018

Two employees at MPREC’s BlueRidge Cafe have been promoted, highlighting the success of the enterprise as a pathway to employment.
Sharna Powell, who started in the café as a VTEC client in early 2016 has accepted a full time contract. Her responsibilities have now increased and she is also able to shift supervise in the absence of a Café Supervisor. This is Sharna’s first paid full time job.
Meanwhile, Phil Turner has been promoted to Food and Beverage Supervisor and is now responsible for supervising café staff and café operations.
Phil started at the cafe as a cook and over time his role has grown. He has been a major part of the cafe’s operations and its extension into catering.
Both Phil and Sharna are excited about their new roles and their progression represents a lot of hard work and training.
BlueRidge Cafe is a MPREC Social Enterprise, providing a platform for job seekers looking to gain skills and qualifications. It provides a great kick-start for their career, with many employees moving on to full time employment in other areas.

BlueRidge Cafe in Dubbo

Opened its doors to provide a career kick-start for job seekers with accredited training in short hospitality courses and life skills.

This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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