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MPREC’s 2016 Team Conference “Extremely Positive”

13 January, 2017

Building on the great success of last year’s first Annual Team Conference, MPREC is already busy planning their 2017 gathering.

The conference, held in Dubbo in late December, saw 55 team members from across Western NSW come together to grow their skills, share experiences, and build their shared vision for the organisation’s future.

The conference focused on building skills and a team culture, guided by MPREC’s core values: honesty, respect, diversity, individuality, accountability, prosperity, education, employment and access.

This focus on communication and teamwork was received well by the whole team, who were also involved in exercises to build leadership, time management and strategy development. Overall, the two days ended with everyone involved feeling energised for the year ahead, with the feedback labelled as “extremely positive”.

The MPREC team now have their next conference in their sights, seeing a major benefit in bringing such a geographically dispersed workforce together.  Those team members who took early leave are disappointed to have missed a fantastic event and cannot wait until the 2017 conference.

Photos: The MPREC team members participating in The Great Race

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