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Enngonia Garden Gurus

27 January, 2017

The town’s “garden gurus” have created a green oasis--just  in time to beat the extreme heat of one of the hottest summers on record--improving not only their skills but also creating a great public space in Enngonia.

The participants undertook workshops & training to learn more about the horticulture industry and were involved in creating the green escape for the community.
This project is a great example of how MPREC and communities work together in Western NSW: providing training for individuals, providing opportunities for economic participation, and creating a shared space to boost community-pride.

Photo: The final masterpiece

Below is a garden seat created by participants who completed their chainsaw course.

Photo: Back of garden seat with engraved names

​Further courses scheduled for 2017 include Certificate II Construction and a skillset in small motors. It is anticipated that these courses combined with community project works will improve employment opportunities and assist community projects.

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