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Welcome to 2021 - A Message from our CEO

2 February, 2021

After some much needed time off with our families over Christmas, our sensational team here at REDI.E is back in full swing.

We have some incredible things planned for this year and we will of course be sharing all our progress with you as the year progresses. 

But the main thing I wanted to say as we begin 2021 is - watch this space.

2021 is going to be a huge year for our organisation. We have set our sights high, with very specific and targeted goals. 

We have started the year by coming together with all our teams and discussing these goals and ensuring we are all on the same page, working towards a common purpose. 

January also saw the acknowledgement of the 26th of January. A difficult date for many of our people.

A day that was designed by the government to celebrate this country is instead divisive and contentious. 

At REDI.E, we believe knowledge is the most important factor towards overcoming this.

Do you fully understand what is being acknowledged on the 26th of January? Do you have a comprehensive knowledge of our nation's history?

If not, we encourage you to learn more. 

Knowledge is power - and this very much ties in with one of our major goals for 2021. To empower all Australians with the knowledge and understanding needed to overcome cultural barriers. 

We will be sharing information and resources throughout the year, designed to encourage people to recognise and celebrate First Nations culture. 

So again - watch this space.

There are some great things to come!

But for now, Australians Together have put together an excellent resource, if you're looking to educate yourself about the 26th of January.


This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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