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Meet Brendon - The Wilcannia Radio Station Team Leader

26 February, 2020

Brendon Adams joined Wilcannia Radio Station as a casual presenter in 2011 and over the years, has built a strong, positive working relationship with REDI.E. 

Taking a two-year contract as a traditional dancer for the Warrada Aboriginal Cultural Centre, he has since returned to the radio station as a broadcaster, and is currently a Team Leader. 

“In my role, I am responsible for coordinating the daily structure of the radio station, ensuring our broadcasters are ready to present and that we are compliant with relevant policies. I also manage rostering, conduct reporting, design programs and promote Wilcannia Radio and REDI.E.” 

REDI.E has been, and continues to be, a strong source of support for the radio station. 

“One of our goals as a radio station is to be self-sustainable. Until then, REDI.E provides us with the guidance and training we need in areas such as management, business and media structure. They also manage our finances, budgeting and licensing.” 

Brendon is particularly proud to work with a number of great team members. Their roles range from program managers, trainees and broadcasters, to media officers, and IT and computer programming officers. 

“Our broadcasters and media officers source and share positive stories about the region to our listeners, and build connections with the community and local schools. One of our broadcasters even runs a language program. Our team members partake in training, so hopefully in a few years’ time, they will have the capability to take on any role in the station.” 

As a long-standing member of the community, Brendon understands the daily challenges the community faces, from water devastation, to social, emotional, health and youth issues. 

“I try to be a supportive manager and help my team members overcome challenges, so when they come to work, they can give their best. I’m lucky to have them. In fact, we recently won the Tony Staley Award for Excellence in Community Broadcasting! That wouldn’t have happened without a great team.” 

Winning the Tony Staley Award, one of three major Australian radio awards, was a huge achievement for Wilcannia Radio Station. 

“It was a shock! I think one of the contributing factors towards this achievement was that, during the devastation of water, we provided water donations and acted as a distributing point for families and elders.” 

Brendon also shared his appreciation for REDI.E in helping them achieve this award. 

“We are humbled to have a great managing team in Dubbo that makes us strong.” 

But Brendon doesn’t believe in resting on laurels and wants the station to go continue to develop. 

“Even though we appreciate what we’ve achieved, we can’t sit and be content, we’ve got to continue to grow and improve. Our goal is to become self-sustainable. I love challenges like this because, with our talented team, I think we’ll achieve our goal.” 

The station acts as a platform for people, particularly young people, to reach their careers goals. 

“Even if their long-term career isn’t in radio, that’s okay. We provide people with the opportunity to work and develop their skills. We’re a platform to give our community better opportunities in life.” 

In addition to this, the radio station gives the community a sense of ownership. If community members need to express thoughts, concerns or ideas, they come to the radio station. 

“We don’t just run a radio station and deliver great music; we’re a link to service providers and a voice for the community. That gives us a strong purpose in the town. It’s a very satisfying feeling. 

“They talk to us and we spread the message on their behalf. A lot of our people face challenges, and sometimes they feel like they are not being heard. So, in listening to them and helping them to deliver their message, it makes them feel valued. I love being a part of that.” 

In considering the importance of the station to the community, Brendon appreciates how REDI.E is an organisation that also listens to and understands the community. 

“I respect the organisation and all their team members. REDI.E has integrity and maintains their role in supporting the community. That’s why they stand out from other organisations.”

In particular, Brendon has built strong relationships with REDI.E employees over the years. 

“We understand each other. If I need anything for the radio station, they always try to help. They have such positive energy and are very supportive, even if they’re just saying hello or having a yarn, that it really helps us in our day. We respect and appreciate that.” 

Being a Wilcannia resident for 17 years, Brendon enjoys being active in the community and assisting with community projects. 

As a small community, people tend to wear a number of different “hats”, and Brendon is no exception. In addition to his role as Team Leader, Brendon is President of the Men’s Group, a member of the Land Council, Committee President for Suicide Prevention, a facilitator and volunteer for a Youth Sports Program, and manages three local football clubs. He also enjoys participating in and facilitating training in traditional dance. Because these responsibilities come with high expectations, he appreciates the support he receives from REDI.E. 

“REDI.E understands that I have these roles and responsibilities, so they provide me with the freedom to do these things while maintaining my role in radio.” 


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