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A day in the life of a Compliance Coordinator: Meet Courtney

26 February, 2020

At REDI.E, we have a number of Compliance Officers at REDI.E, both in Dubbo and Bourke.

 In this important role, our Officers ensure we comply with external regulatory and legal requirements, internal policies, and manage regulatory risk. 

Courtney Richards is part of our team in Dubbo. After working for a number of years as a qualified hairdresser and starting a family, Courtney was looking to return to the workforce. She received a recommendation from a friend to apply for a role at REDI.E, and joined in 2018 as a Compliance Administrator. 

“It was different to any other role I’ve ever had before. I really enjoy helping the communities in rural areas. I love everything about working here – it’s challenging and there’s always something new to do.” 

As an administrator, Courtney was responsible for entering data for job seekers who signed on with REDI.E. After four months, she progressed into a role as a Compliance Officer where her responsibilities grew to include entering time sheets, auditing employee mentors, identifying opportunities for improvement and entering case files into the system. If job seekers require checks or materials, such as PPE gear, Compliance Officers authorise their usage. 

The information entered into our system is critical, as it covers all information about job seekers and their activities. With lots of experience in this area, Courtney now helps others in the CDP team to use it effectively. 

In becoming a Compliance Officer, Courtney also had the opportunity to visit people in the community. 

“When I first started visiting people, it was challenging. But it was so valuable to learn about how they feel in the community and what they experience compared to life in Dubbo. Being in the environment, you can see the devastating impact of the drought. The heat and other conditions can make it harder to work. Here, you take for granted being able to go down to the shops to pick up something you need. They don’t always have that luxury and accessibility. The nearest shops are sometimes hours away.” 

Recently, Courtney progressed into her current role as a CDP (Community Development Program) Compliance Coordinator. Being recognised by the senior leadership team was a meaningful experience for her. Now, she manages a team of ten, which includes six Team Leaders and four Compliance Officers. 

“I help our Team Leaders with their tasks in the community and any day-to-day issues. I write progress reports and work with NIAA (National Indigenous Australians Agency) to determine any areas we need to improve. I help the compliance team go through the requirements of programs, input data, and improve our system to make it more efficient.” 

Team Leaders have 3-4 employment mentors and supervisors for each activity, so Courtney supports them with everything they need.  

From time to time, she travels to meet them and their teams in person, and conduct performance appraisals. With sites and staff across the Upper Darling and Far West regions, REDI.E has a wide network of support services and programs, so there are many communities to visit. 

“In securing benefits for people, we ensure their activities and the work we provide are up to standard. We look after participants and try to fulfil their needs. If people are struggling with attendance, we support them and find out why. We assist with any issues they might be having, such as doctor visits or obtaining a driver’s license.”  

In addition to her full-time role, Courtney is current completing a Certificate II in Business. She appreciates REDI.E putting her through the certification, as it is helping her improve in her role. 

“I look forward to progressing in my career, keeping up the hard work and seeing our communities continue to rise. REDI.E is one of the best places I’ve worked, I love it. If you’re up for a challenge, I recommend other people to join. It’s a fun work environment. It’s different to what I’m used to, and I enjoy coming to work.”  

Team members in the Dubbo office come together once a month as part of a monthly social club. They go out for dinner, or do activities like bowling, trivia or escape rooms. 

“We all work together, are passionate about our roles and like to make a difference. I enjoy the feedback and support I receive. If I ever have any questions, I feel comfortable approaching anyone in the organisation and I know they’ll always listen to me.” 

Outside of work, Courtney enjoys spending time with her children and husband. Occasionally, she also likes using skills from her first profession, hairdressing.  

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