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MPREC looking to expand on partnerships as the key to business success

28 February, 2018

In 2018, MPREC is looking to expand on its business strengths, with a focus on building strong partnerships. 

With the goal of improving the social fabric and economies of regional and remote areas, the organisation plans to focus on bringing businesses and industry groups to the same table with governing agencies, to facilitate sustainable development. 

CEO Paul Newman says he wants to see more collaboration between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous business, Government and other partners in the communities it services.

“It is through building these partnerships and finding new ones that we will develop strong and resilient communities. This will ensure future generations will have a brighter future,” he said.

“Collaboration is the key to economic and social development.”

MPREC already has a number of active partnerships which improve communities, provide avenues for training, and open doors to real employment opportunities. For example, the organisation works closely with schools and teachers in remote communities to lift school attendance levels and provide support for children to encourage their continued education.

The organisation regularly partner with community service organisations, such as LiveBetter, to provide services and programs that foster confidence and help people give back to their community. 

Another key function of the business is to work with each level of government to provide important programs and courses that help job seekers gain the skills they need to find work and secure long term employment.

Mr Newman says each partnership is unique and allows MPREC to make an impact on many different levels.

“Our partnership span from local community organisations and Elders across the region, right through to the State and Federal Governments. It is our relationship with these groups that brings us results. We’d love to see more corporate interest in our work as well. As a registered charity we have a lot to give our communities.”


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