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Cobar Workforce Development Participants make garden beds for local organisation

28 February, 2018

Workforce Development participants in Cobar have constructed new garden beds for LiveBetter’s local operations.
After receiving funding from Rotary for the steel, LiveBetter approached MPREC for assistance in constructing the beds.
The team, made up of Activities Supervisor Brett Miller and WFD participants Katrina, Glenn, Keith and Robert, spent several weeks building them. 
It was a great team building exercise that enabled everyone to learn more about construction and gain experience using tools like a drill and rotary saw. They also learnt important safety techniques, using Personal Protective Equipment and ensuring the safe construction of the garden beds.
The end product is fantastic, with LiveBetter now able to utilise these durable and sustainable garden beds.
MPREC’s Community Development Programs assist job seekers to gain skills, look for and find work, and contribute to their community at the same time.

Community Development Program (CDP)

CDP helps Job Seekers by assisting them to secure and maintain employment, delivering training opportunities, upskilling language literacy and numeracy programs, and providing Workforce Development

This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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