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CDP supervisors gather in Cobar to share ideas and success stories

28 February, 2018

CDP supervisors from all of MPREC’s communities have gathered together in Cobar, to discuss new ideas for activities and share success stories.

Team members came from as far as Goodoga, Menindee and Bourke to be part of the day, which focused on building the CDP team and defining what each person's roles are on the ground, in their communities. 

They came up with lots of new activities for participants to take part in, such as conducting Night Patrols to help keep kids safe, floristry courses and also other courses like the RSA and RCG, which will help them gain qualifications for employment. 

MPREC’s Compliance Officer Irene Brown attended the day and said it was a great success.

“Everyone took so much away from the day, it gave us a boost in motivation and we came up with so many new ideas, based off feedback we had been given from the communities,” said Irene.

“It gave each person a greater understanding of their responsibilities to our participants.”

“We are really excited to implement these ideas.”

MPREC is proud to deliver CDP, an Australian Government program designed to increase employment and reduce welfare dependency in remote Australia.


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Our skilled team of individuals love living and working in the region.

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