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Working together with Taronga Western Plains Zoo

17 February, 2017

MPREC’s Vocational Training and Employment Centres (VTEC) team’s Community and Industry Breakfasts are slowly becoming a success. From the three that have been held so far we have had a number of successes with the most recent happening on Wednesday 15 February.

Whilst having a delicious breakfast organised by the BlueRidge Café, Kath Oke from Taronga Western Plains Zoo put forward a proposition. She asked if MPREC’s VTEC team could find her a suitable candidate for a welding traineeship for Taronga Western Plains Zoo, working behind the scenes working with Zoo tradesman and contractors, the Trainee would be involved in all facets of welding, metal fabrication as well as attend TAFE to complete formal qualifications.

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Anna Rindfleish, VTEC Case Manager, jumped into action, by the end of that week she had a number of willing applicants for Kath, which she is reviewing and will be ready to place the successful applicant by the end of the month.

The team at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, were so impressed with the VTEC teams prompt response that they are now looking into at least one more apprenticeship, in plumbing, as well as a number of other opportunities.

Well done to Anna and the VTEC team! For more information on MPREC's VTEC Program.

The VTEC initiative is proudly funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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