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Visit to Canberra helps preserve our languages

24 February, 2017

During the week of the 20th February a group of representatives from the Murdi Paaki region travelled to Canberra and visited the Aboriginal Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies.

The purpose of the visit was for community members to explore and gather information related to the traditional Aboriginal languages from the Murdi Paaki region. The information will help to fill and identify gaps in knowledge about local languages, and contribute to ongoing work to capture and document our languages.

Blog-Imagel-MPL-Canberra-Trip-1-(1).jpg  Blog-Imagel-MPL-Canberra-Trip-2.jpg

MPREC support the maintenance of local languages through supporting the Murdi Paaki Languages project (new website launching soon!). 

The visit acted as a follow up from the recent Murdi Paaki Languages Conference held in Cobar on 6-7 December 2016, where the preservation of language was discussed and the draft website - where languages will be shared for educational purposes - was revealed. The Murdi Paaki Language Group are looking forward to implementing more language resources in the Murdi Paaki communities and schools.

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