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Wilcannia School Children Benefit From RU Ready Program

4 February, 2016

We want to make sure that going to school each day is the norm for kids in our communities.

Already this year, 67 kids in Wilcannia have benefited from the R U Ready Strategy, delivered by our Remote School Attendance Strategy team.

Our team packed up and delivered 67 packs, full of all the school ­day essentials, to excited kids at the start of the school year. These packs included a backpack, school uniform, stationary, water bottles and lunchbox. 

The R U Ready packs are just one step in the Remote School Attendance Strategy. This strategy sees the team working with families, community members and schools to put in place strategies that support school attendance, ensuring that kids go to school every possible day.

Photo: Families, community members and school children enjoying the day

The RSAS initiative is proudly funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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