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REDI.E Trains Students in Wilcannia Weir Replacement Project

22 December, 2020

The Wilcannia Weir Replacement Project is on schedule, with the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) being prepared - and training of REDI.E’s CDP participants underway.

REDI.E is proud to be working with TAFE NSW and Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly (MPRA) to deliver the first of a package of training courses in Wilcannia. 

The courses are designed to give our CDP participants the skills they need to apply for construction positions, once the project has been tendered. 

Over years of working in our communities, REDI.E has identified a key barrier to employment for our people is that they are unsure of the requirements needed for general employment. Many have been struggling to find work for several years and need to redevelop positive behaviours like being punctual, wearing a uniform and inspiring their work ethic. 

REDI.E is helping to implement the Fit for Work Program, which assists participants to be ‘work ready’ by implementing good habits and learning the skills needed to maintain employment. 

The students are just about to complete their white cards, which is an important general induction into the construction industry, and the course finish date is Friday 18th December 2020.

REDI.E is also working with TAFE NSW to implement the Cert II in Construction. This will mean that when job opportunities arise in the community, they will be qualified applicants, with the appropriate skill level. Having this qualification will also mean they can apply for positions involved in the construction of the Weir. 

Team Leader Brendan Adams says staff are also providing other support during this process. 

‘Our staff are transporting participants to and from training,’ he said. 

‘We are also providing appropriate work safe clothing and a venue for the training days. We are also working with WaterNSW to source materials needed to complete the course.’

He says the future is looking bright for these participants.

‘We are working to develop the next stage of training for this project, which could involve any number of things,’ he said.

‘This is not only within the construction of the weir, but also other construction opportunities like the new Tourism Culture Centre.’

‘Everyone is feeling really positive about making these opportunities happen. It is really rewarding to be part of such a positive journey for these people. 


This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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