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REDI.E employee beacon of hope for Murrin Bridge community

10 December, 2019

A REDI.E Employment Mentor has organised food and clothing donations for the Murrin Bridge community. 

After spending a couple of days doing outreach in the Murrin Bridge community, Che Dionysius realised they were struggling and needed some help. With limited local resources, she came up with a plan.

She went to the supermarket and purchased a range of different things out of his own pocket. She put together six food hampers with some essential ingredients. Che also spoke to her friends and family about the situation in Murrin Bridge. Some of them decided they would also like to help and donated clothes.

Che travelled back to Murrin Bridge and distributed the donations. 

Upon receiving her hamper, one of the community members told Che she had spent her week worrying about how she was going to feed her family, until she got paid.

Emotions were running high as the other donations were handed out, with some of the recipients crying, saying how much this meant to them.

With one remaining hamper left, Che decided that he would donate it to all the REDI.E participants from the local office. Che also donated nine packets of vegetable seeds for the job seekers to grow in the community garden. 

Che looks forward to more trips to Murrin Bridge in the future, to continue this relationship and lend a helping hand.

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