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REDI.E helps develop business hub in Coonamble

14 December, 2018

Just in time for Christmas, a new business hub has been created in Coonamble by a group of local business women. REDI.E is thrilled to have been able to help with this great initiative, by providing the building to the business owners.


The space for this new venture needed to be large enough to fit several local business under one roof. This means they can rent their own shop space to showcase and sell their products in a boutique centre - and share the cost.

The space also needed to have the ability to be renovated and designed to fit the needs of businesses.

And of course, it needed to be easily accessible for customers - and provide a fun shopping experience!

Luckily, REDI.E had just the right premises that could be used.

The property in Coonamble is owned by REDI.E and the premises is now leased to the group, who have created a fantastic business hub. It includes a cafe, beautician, homewares shop, massage shop, yoga studio and a hairdresser.

One of REDI.E’s focuses is around building social enterprises and employment opportunities for the communities in regional areas.

Lucy Moss, who owns Mink and Me which is part of the hub, has told WIN News the concept is beneficial on several levels.

‘Not only for overheads, but to get that sense of community into your business really works,’ she said.

‘I think it’s pretty evident that everyone has come in to have a look and get involved.’

REDI.E is proud to support initiatives that support local businesses in our community.

Well done to all involved!


This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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