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31 August, 2020

It’s returning to business as usual at REDI.E, with staff stepping up, returning to work and making positive changes!

This month REDI.E have had a few changes with staffing; from team members returning to REDI.E after 2 years away, to stepping up and act in higher duties roles to gain experience - and a new appointment as RSAS team leader.

We wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our staff. 

We’ll start with Jodi-Ann Hunt, who has been thoroughly enjoying her time as acting Director of Programs & Compliance.

Jodi-Ann has stepped up into this role and taken the opportunity head on, learning all about how REDI.E works at the high levels. She says it’s been a real learning experience!

‘I have really got to understand the operational ins and outs - and I have a new respect for everything the managers do!’ she said.

‘I’ve really been able to see just how many people it takes to keep everything running smoothly and help us achieve our goals. I have really enjoyed seeing all the amazing things our programs are doing in our communities.’

‘CDP, RSAS, the Youth Services, VTEC and Languages - they are all so important.’

‘It has been wonderful to be acknowledged - and it’s a real confidence boost, to know the faith my colleagues have in me, to entrust me with this important position while Peter has stepped up himself.’

Meanwhile, Kynia Pitt-Knight rejoined the REDI.E team in Bourke - and we couldn’t be happier to have this fantastic young role model on board!

Kynia is an Employment Mentor, assisting job seekers into employment through the Community Development Program. 

‘I meet with jobseekers to go through their goals and skills - and help them to develop job plans,’ she said. 

‘ I assist them by helping them sign up for TAFE courses and other important things like police checks, RSA and RCG - as well as other hospitality courses like Statement of Attainment in Food Handling.’

‘My favourite part of the job is helping people put together their resume, while watching them build their skills. I also enjoy helping our clients with interview prep, while actively helping them look for jobs and see what opportunities are out there.’

‘It’s so exciting to see people achieving their goals and the confidence they build when they succeed.’

Also worth mentioning is David Dodd, who joined REDI.E’s Indigenous Youth Services team (IYS) in Coonamble, utilising his high level youth engagement expertise and music abilities to achieve positive outcomes for our young people.

And finally, Shae Ferguson has returned to his hometown of Brewarrina to work as the Schools Attendance Supervisor (SAS) for the Remote Schools Attendance Strategy (RSAS) program after working in the REDI.E office in Dubbo for a couple of months. 

Shae himself attended school in Brewarrina and could not think of a better role to play in his community. He is excited to be given the opportunity to work with the youth of his hometown and enact positive changes with their schooling.

Keep an eye out for more Staff Success Stories from our fantastic REDI.E team!


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