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REDI.E helps VTEC clients land full time jobs with Indigeco

21 August, 2019

REDI.E has helped a group of VTEC clients secure full time jobs as Protection Officers for Indigeco.

REDI.E was contacted by Indigeco, who were looking for people to fill the positions.  Our VTEC team gathered a group of potentially suitable candidates and helped facilitate interviews at the Parkes office.

Twelve of the candidates were chosen to complete training and have since undergone site inductions and information sessions. Ten participants were offered full time positions as Protection Officers and will begin full time work in the coming weeks.

This is such an exciting development for the VTEC team, who have reached a huge milestone. This is one of the largest groups to receive full time jobs through the program. 

Case Manager Will Middleton said it has been one of the teams biggest achievements.

‘We weren’t given a huge amount of notice, so we have to work quickly to coordinate the interviews and organise for the candidates to complete the paperwork and get to the site’ he said.

‘It was a challenge, but it has been incredibly satisfying to see the results.’

‘The clients who are now employed come from several communities - from Parkes, Forbes, Wellington and Dubbo. So this has lifted families in all these communities.’

‘It’s overwhelming to see such a positive impact.’

‘Through education and training, the VTEC team can assist our people in creating a brighter future for their families and communities.’

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VTEC offers guaranteed jobs to Indigenous jobseekers, provided that they complete the training requirements

This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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