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COVID-19 Update - Regional Enterprise Development Institute Ltd Making sensible changes to support communities

3 April, 2020

Regional Enterprise Development Institute Ltd is working with Community stakeholders to provide practical ways to deliver our services during the COVID-19 crisis.

The National Cabinet has limited indoor and outdoor gatherings to two people, and advised people to stay at home unless absolutely necessary. The government has reemphasised the importance of social distancing and practicing good hygiene as key to saving lives.

REDI.E has taken a proactive approach to protecting our communities and better suited methods of delivery have been encouraged to ensure the continuation of important services and support.

CEO, Tracey Shillingsworth, is talking with program staff this week to ease staff anxiety and work with their managers. Tracey understands the only way to adapt and bring the power of community to the forefront in this isolating environment is to call on age old traditions of the truly collaborative endeavours of our esteemed Elders; talk, keep communities informed and ensure we receive their valuable feedback.

REDI.E staff will continue to stay connected and talk with our people over the phone, online, and through videoconferencing facilities that do not require face-to-face contact but will embrace community using virtual technologies. We will do our level best to ensure no one is left alone.

We are strengthening partnerships and working internally to ensure our technology supports this new approach.

We have also implemented organisational changes to ensure the health and safety of our employees. Anyone who has the capacity to work from home is doing so, while we have shut our office to outside visitors, conducting all meetings via phone or teleconference.

We are striving to provide regular updates to our communities and partners for open and transparent communication.

Anyone looking for the most up to date and reliable information should access the Coronavirus Australia application, to learn more about advice and access helpful resources.

Anyone participating in the CDP program who wishes to discuss their situation with Centrelink can call the following phone numbers:
  • Newstart Allowance, JobSeeker Payment and Special Benefit recipients call 132 850
  • Youth Allowance recipients can call 132 490
  • Parenting Payment Single recipients with mutual obligation requirements call 136 150
  • Indigenous Australians can also contact the Centrelink Indigenous Call Centre on 1800 136 380.

Issued: Thursday 2nd April 2020.

This initiative is funded/supported by the Australian Government.

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