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WFD Participants Graduate from Mental Health First Aid Training Workshop

27 April, 2018

Four MPREC staff members and 18 participants from the Brewarrina CDP Workforce Development Program have graduated from a Mental Health First Aid Training Workshop.

The course was run in April, in conjunction with Mental Health First Aid Australia in Brewarrina. It teaches valuable skills to provide initial help to people experiencing anxiety and psychotic, depressive and substance abuse disorders.

Participants were treated to two guest speakers from the Brewarrina Hospital, Heather Finlayson and Helen Ferguson. They explained what Mental Health services are on offer and emphasised that people can access them 24/7. They also explained that confidentiality is assured to patients in all circumstances.

The workshop covered a wide range of Mental Health topics in a culturally appropriate manner, with a user friendly workbook and manual.

Many of the people attending the course were able to relate to aspects of the issues addressed.

One of the participants, Darryl Ferguson said the course was a great way to learn about the essential health service.

“I found it easy to understand and I think everyone should do it,” he said. “Our people need to be educated about this sort of thing, and this was a very simple way to learn.”

MPREC Activities Supervisor Corey Hardy also found the course very useful. 

“I now know a lot more about recognising the signs with Mental Health. It opened my eyes to a lot of things that I didn’t know. There was a lot of useful stuff."

Each participant was presented with a Certificate upon completion of the workshop. 




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