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NALAG and MPREC deliver successful photography exhibition to help people express grief through art

9 April, 2018

A photography exhibition in Bourke to help people who have difficulty expressing their emotions has proved to be a huge success, giving participants the opportunity to find therapy through art.

The National Association for Loss and Grief (NALAG) and MPREC partnered to put the event together on the 26th and 27th of March, as part of the ‘Through Our Eyes” program, which is intended to help those who find it hard to express themselves in words. It is designed to encourage them to articulate their emotions using the medium of photography.

The project began in February, when participants were given digital cameras and told to visit different places around Bourke, to capture an image that reflected how they were feeling.

The pictures were then brought together, printed and framed for the exhibition. 


Many people attended on the day to view the artwork, including several Government representatives as well as Bourke Mayor Barry Hollman, who officially opened the exhibition.

Individual pieces were sold with money going back into the community. 


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