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MPREC Jobseekers Make Eggcellent Easter Donation

13 April, 2017

The gift was donated to an ‘over the moon’ Brytt Moore, Director of Kubby House, with the presentation made by talented jobseeker, Brenda Berryman. The ladies of Cobar’s Workforce Development program, ‘Community Kits’, put their creative skills to work creating Easter treat, each of them commenting on the fun and laughs shared in developing their creation.

What started as some string, PVC glue and a balloon, was transformed by these ingenius jobseekers into an egg-shaped nest. The ‘nest’ was then filled with layers of blue and white tissue paper - like straw in a nest - and filled with chocolate eggs, giving the impression of the chocolate eggs hatching from the bigger ‘nest’ egg. One skillful participant even added two bunnies that she had knitted.

The whole lot were then secured in cellophane and topped with a purple bow, ready for gifting to one of the sole childcare providers in Cobar, who provide an essential, and much sought after service in the Far Western region.Kubby House Childcare Centre in Cobar will be brighter thanks to the donation of a fun Easter display, complete with chocolate eggs, from some of Cobar’s jobseekers.

Proudly supported/funded by the Australian Government.

Photo: Presentation to Brytt Moore was made by Brenda Berryman

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