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Food Safety Drives Partnership with Women’s Safe House in Wilcannia

21 April, 2017

The Women’s Safe House in Wilcannia have found a new partner for the preparation of food for future events, thanks to a developing partnership with MPREC.

At the same time, the ladies involved in the Wilcannia Community Group have added another skill to their resumes, recently completing a Food Safety Course.

10 women completed the course, as coordinated by MPREC.

The Women’s Safe House offered the use of their commercial kitchen for the duration of the course, which ran for two days over two weeks.

As a result of this course, the community group was asked if they would be willing to prepare food for activities in the future for the Women’s Safe House. The safe house and MPREC are also looking at ways to partner in future in terms of training and use of the commercial kitchen, continuing to make the Women’s Safe House an accessible and safe space for women and children in the community.

Proudly supported/funded by the Australian Government.

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