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Cobar Preschool Hops for Joy Thanks To Bunny Bags

10 April, 2017

None of the ladies had previous experience with sewing machines, but exceeded their own expectations cutting, stitching and decorating bags that - thanks to the staff at Cobar Preschool - will soon be filled with chocolate eggs ready for the kids.

Photo: The finished products

MPREC is proud to support jobseekers give back to their community, providing the materials and training for activities like this, through hosting Workforce Development.

Workforce Development is an Australian Government initiative which helps both jobseekers and the wider community. The program places jobseekers in activities where they can gain confidence and job skills, while giving back - in chocolate in this case!

In Cobar, the ‘Community Kits’ program has been designed as a Workforce Development activity, where our eligible jobseeking ladies are regularly involved in group activities, creating gifts and other items needed by the community.

Proudly supported/funded by the Australian Government.

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