Expression of Interest - Employment Facilitator

Expression of Interest - Employment Facilitator

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Date Posted: 11-Jun-2021
Location: Dubbo
Category: Program & Compliance
Job Type: Full-Time


The Facilitators selected through this RFT will be a full-time resource tasked with bringing together the people, services and resources that are needed in each ER to create and respond rapidly to the labour needs of local employers.
The Facilitator will work with employers and other key stakeholders to develop local employment solutions at a local level and support the LJP objectives set in section 2.1 of this RFT. 
Facilitators will Chair the local Taskforce, which will be established under the LJP. As Chair, the Facilitator is responsible for convening the Taskforce on a regular basis and ensuring, among other things, the delivery of the region’s Local Jobs Plan. 
Facilitators, aided by the LJP Support Officers, will also support local stakeholders to create targeted activities that meet the priorities of the Local Jobs Plan. Facilitators and LJP Support Officers will work with organisations that apply for funding through the Local Recovery Fund to ensure employment pathways are developed and/or employment opportunities are maximised.
Facilitators and LJP Support Officers will also act as liaison with the wider community to connect job seekers, including online job seekers, with employment and training programs and work with employers to improve engagement with government funded programs.
Facilitators and LJP Support Officers, will provide feedback to their respective State and Territory Managers on employment services provider engagement with the program.

This role is an exciting opportunity within REDI.E during a period when the team is driving internal and community cultural change. An individual will excel in this role if they have high level critical and strategic thinking skills, enjoy working flexibly across a variety of key areas, are skilled in providing strategic advice and guidance including in relation to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.


Facilitators, are expected to service the ER in its entirety and deliver as a minimum the following:
  • Fulfilling the role of Chair of the Local Jobs and Skills Taskforce in their ER
  • Convening the Taskforce on a regular basis
  • In conjunction with the Local Jobs and Skills Taskforce, creating and maintaining a Local Jobs Plan for their ER
  • Proccessing and using data and information specific to the labour market, local job seekers and employee skills that are in demand in the ER, to drive the development of the Local Jobs Plan
  • Sharing and ensuring the application of NSC and NCI labour market information and tools to assist the Taskforce develop and maintain a comprehensive and high-quality Local Jobs Plan  
  • Facilitating the provision of local labour market supply information to the department through the submission of monthly reports to the department 
  • Promotion of labour market data and tools available through the NCI and NSC to the Taskforce, local job seekers and relevant local stakeholders to inform their access to and generation of local training, current and emerging employment opportunities
  • Driving the employment priorities of the ER by building and sustaining productive and collaborative working relationships with employers, employment service providers, training and industry/employer peak body organisations, community organisations and education providers to maximise support for all job seekers
  • Regular communication with the department regarding upcoming large-scale recruitment exercises to enhance employment opportunity alerts, including for online job seekers
  • Working with Taskforce members and other local stakeholders to identify, develop and drive LJP Activities that address the priorities identified in the Local Jobs Plan and are paid for through the Local Recovery Fund
  • Enhancing co-ordination between Australian Government, State, council and community driven employment and recovery initiatives and leveraging them as appropriate, in order to minimise duplication
  • Supporting Australian Government responses to retrenchments, including working with impacted employers, workers and other key stakeholders. Identifying characteristics of impacted cohorts including any impacted supply chain. As necessary assisting in the delivery of Commonwealth Structural Adjustment Packages or other assistance related to retrenchments
  • Facilitating the participation in the LJP for those job seekers on the digital caseload, which may extend to the provision of risk assessments, in accordance with any Guidelines
  • Proactively developing employment activities to complement other government initiatives and in consultation with key stakeholders including Australian Government, state and local government agencies
  • Working with local stakeholders, including employers, to improve and leverage local employment opportunities for both Provider and digitally serviced job seekers 
  • Providing feedback to the department regarding employment service providers engagement with the Taskforce and associated activities through the submission of monthly reports to the department
  • Engaging constructively with the LJP Support Officer to ensure effective use of the LJP Support Officer resource in achieving the objectives of the LJP
  • Overseeing and reporting to the department on LJP Activities, including maximising the number of job seekers participating in LJP Activities.
Ensure that all work is socially inclusive and acknowledges and is respectful of diversity among and within communities, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people


The successful applicant will have a minimum of five (5) years’ experience, including:

Project Management – Knowledge and skills in planning, resource identification and coordination, task and activity monitoring, risk and issues management, reporting and overall delivery against defined objectives, methods and outcomes.

Stakeholder Management — Knowledge of principles and processes for effectively managing stakeholders. This includes internal and external stakeholder needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of stakeholder satisfaction.

Document Preparation – High level writing skills and proven ability to prepare a variety of types of documentation including briefing notes, correspondence and reports with a high level of attention to detail and the ability to conceptually analyse information.

The successful candidate will also have a tertiary qualification in relevant discipline (such as education, public health, health promotion, social sciences, research).

Technical and role specific:

Cultural knowledge and experience – Demonstrates knowledge, skills and experience in working effectively with people and organisations in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services sector and/or promoting social and emotional wellbeing among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Culture Change – Expertise in delivering Cultural Safety training.

Additional Details

Indigenous Australians are encouraged to apply.

For further information please download a PD from: Employment Facilitator Schedule 2 June

If you have any question please contact Courtney Richards on 02 6841 0111.
Applications: Applicants will need to answer the questions below and supply a current resume with two (2) referees. Submit your application online via the Employment Jobs board at
Closing Date: 23 June 2021

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