Meet Our Team

At REDI.E we employ people in a variety of roles across Western NSW in administration, reception, training support, employment support and more. With centres and offices everywhere from Goodooga to Menindee, there are opportunities to explore all this region has to offer.

Our people contribute to running a number of programs, services and enterprises which develop and nurture the skills of our community. Here is a collection of our employees’ stories.
Shibli Chowdhury

Meet Shibli Chowdhury

Finance Officer at REDI.E


"I feel extremely grateful for the opportunities REDI.E has offered me. I am very fulfilled in my role and this is honestly one of the best places I have ever worked."

Max Rabbett

Read about Max Rabbett

Retail Coordinator and Trainer at REDI.E


"My role at REDI.E is extremely rewarding. Not only do I work with such an impressive and competent team but because the work itself is so rewarding, we can make a real impact on the community and I get to see that every day."

Mellissa Bourke

Meet Mellissa Bourke

General Manager at REDI.E


"I believe the organisation has an exciting future, with a long-term vision already in place for the development of sustainable Social Enterprises."


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