Tracey Shillingsworth

Tracey Shillingsworth - Chief Executive Officer

I joined REDI.E in November 2018 and was very excited to work back in Western NSW, a region where anything is possible. I have seen some incredible changes starting with our families, our new editions and catching up with our Elders.

I have seen our youth progress to young adulthood, from starting their journey in life, to developing aspirations and hearing their success stories - and the challenges they have had to overcome.

For me, it has been very inspirational to see the progress that has been made in our communities.

And whilst I understand that everyone faces their own challenges, we at REDI.E are about spreading the message that you can do anything you set your mind to.

How do I know this? Because I have moved through my career starting from a clerical administration role - to middle and senior management - to a CEO.

I have certainly faced challenges, and have had the chance to overcome them in ALL workplaces. I have been given support to develop and add value where needed with programs - and I have experience finding the best way to deliver them for our communities.

It is such a rewarding career, and a privilege to help our mob, to see the smiles when your goals have been achieved - and to engage with our younger members, to plan community events for our families.

There are no set barriers that can’t be faced together. If I can do it, you can too. So I’m looking forward to the day where YOU will speak from higher level management positions, sharing YOUR stories and vision.

At REDI.E, you will gain more than just a job or a partnership. You will join a vibrant, energetic team of professionals who are committed to creating real and meaningful opportunities for people in our region.

Let’s work together for a united community.