Suellyn Rees

Suellyn Rees - Corporate Services Director

Suellyn Rees is from the Trundle area in central NSW where she grew up on a rural property as part of a large family.  She has been working in finance and administration for well over 30 years; almost 20 years in Management, most recently as CEO of the Dubbo LALC.

Suellyn has worked for the private sector as well as Local and State Government in both Queensland and NSW.  She has been a member of the QLD Health HR Advisory Committee and Regional Health Service Planning Committee.  Her experience includes the development and coordination of an Aboriginal Traineeship for Local Government, Management of the NSP for Queensland Health for the control of blood borne diseases and writing briefs for the Governor General.

More recently Suellyn has become a Director and active member of Rotary, advocating for Youth and positive community change.  She has found her passion lies in working toward a better future for all Australians and in particular, improving outcomes for Aboriginal people.

Suellyn loves working for REDI.E because it is the heart and soul of real change for Aboriginal communities. The team is working towards a brighter future - and this gives her a great amount of satisfaction and pride.

Her goals for REDI.E are for the organisation to become the number one contact for Employment Services and Training within the Central West, Upper Darling and Far West Regions - over the next few years.