Norma Kennedy

Norma Kennedy - Director

Norma Kennedy is our new Board Member for Wilcannia (Far Western NSW.)

She has a strong background in advocating for indigenous communities, as shown by her experience as an Aboriginal Health Worker for 20 years. She was also the Secretary for the Mutawintji Land Council for 15 years. 

Norma has previously worked for REDI as a supervisor for the RSAS programme. She believes communication with community members is essential to achieving our organisations goals - to create opportunities for prosperity and employment for people in the Murdi Paaki region.

Norma is a strong advocate for empowering women and strives to give them a bigger voice. One of her major goals for REDI is to implement more programs that can achieve this. 

Our clients are her number one priority, because we exist to support them. She remains focused on achieving outcomes for them and this is what drives her decisions.

She is a fantastic addition to the board and we can’t wait to hear her ideas for the future. He is also a member of Murdi Paaki Regional Council’s Economic Portfolio Group.